My Story

My name is Nathalie Martin. In the year 2000, at the age of 26, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. When the doctor told me the bad news, I did not react, because I had never heard of this ailment before. I thought it was a transitory discomfort and easily curable. Regrettably, the doctors admitted they knew little about the causes of the illness. No effective treatment exists to permanently cure this mysterious and incurable disease. They also stated that I was doomed to suffer the debilitating symptoms of colitis until the end of my days.

Like many of those who are diagnosed with the disease, I tried various alternatives, all of which proved to be failures. I read all available documentation on the subject without finding anything conclusive.

For ten years, I lived with the incapacitating symptoms of the disease. I suffered constantly from bloating, bloody diarrhea with mucus, chronic fatigue and nutritional deficiencies. I could go to the bathroom five to ten times a day and even more during a flare-up. I spent most of my youth continually being sick. When you need a bathroom nearby most of the time, you are not able to have a life!

The worst part of this whole story was the arrival of autumn. Every year, I had a severe flare-up in the fall. All of a sudden, I was having bloody diarrhea up to 20 times a day and lost ten to fifteen pounds in less than a week. The weight seemed to melt off me. A small person to start with, I ended up looking anorexic. My appetite disappeared and everything I ate went straight through me, leaving me extremely weak.

The pain was easier to bear than the chronic fatigue. Even with twelve hours of sleep, I was still tired when I woke up. My days consisted of dragging myself from my bedroom to the bathroom and back again. This ordeal lasted for weeks, until December, by which time my body had gradually gotten used to the cold. Despite poor health, I could work again and looked for a new temporary job.

During the summer of 2010, my gastroenterologist suggested a colonoscopy to determine the progress of my illness. The results showed moderate inflammatory activity on the left side of the colon. I knew that the next fall relapse could be fatal. My body had already endured chronic inflammation for ten years. I knew that I had reached the point of no return, where my colon could let me down anytime. As a solution, my gastroenterologist suggested a treatment that depressed my immune system. When I looked at the list of side effects associated with this treatment, I was horrified. Once again, that doctor had offered me a temporary and dangerous option without resolving the underlying problem. Destroying my health to generate profits for the pharmaceutical industry wasn't an option I found very intelligent. As everyone knows, long-term results are unsuccessful and disastrous.

As usual, I was completely alone. To save my skin, I needed to find a solution before autumn arrived, because this time, I knew I wasn't gonna  make it. I had nothing to lose, so I studied from morning till night searching for a solution.

 Fortunately, before the deadline, I found that ulcerative colitis was a food intolerance to sugar and yeast. I immediately changed my whole diet and all my colitis symptoms quickly disappeared. Not only did I regain my health, I even went through the fall without a relapse!

At first, I didn’t believe it. I was worried I would fall ill again. I wondered if it was actually possible to cure this disease through diet alone. With the positive results I was experiencing, the answer was a definite yes.

I am happy to say that no symptoms have destabilized my everyday life for four years now because I have a good understanding of the disease.

Having lived with ulcerative colitis for so long, I know how alarming it can be to have no preventive solution to turn to. Especially, when everyone tells you that you are doomed to suffer the debilitating symptoms of the disease until your last breath. Fortunately, this is not true.
I could have kept this wonderful discovery for myself and continued my little daily routine as if nothing had happened. However, I know that many people are vainly seeking answers. I would have loved to have had a book like this in my hands when I was diagnosed. This is why I have worked so hard to write this book.
If you are ready to take charge of your health, there is a natural way to cure yourself. A long-term solution with no side effects that gives you the opportunity to live drug free. My goal is to offer you the same opportunity I had: to regain your health and your life.

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